Geoffrey Borchhardt


I am a doctoral candidate in Organizations & Management at Yale School of Management. Most of my research explores questions surrounding the careers of small business owners. I study how entry into entrepreneurship affects people's careers, both in terms of remuneration as well as performance, in the United States and India. In other work, I explore how competitive environments influence the choice of organizational partnerships and future innovative performance.

I expect to graduate in 2024. Prior to my graduate studies at Yale, I received my B.Sc. in Business Administration and Sociology from Copenhagen Business School and M.Sc. in Sociology from the University of Oxford.
Curriculum Vitae

Selected Working Papers

[1] ''Expertise, Competitive Overlap, and Partner Choice'' (with Balázs Kovács and Michelle Rogan)
R&R at Administrative Science Quarterly (updated draft coming soon)

[2] ''Entrepreneurship as the safe option'' (with Olav Sorenson)
Under review (working paper)